Day Trip: Mohonk Mountain House


I first learned about the glory that is the Mohonk Mountain House in the summer of 2012. Located in New Paltz, New York and just 90 minutes outside of NYC, the mountain house is a full-scale resort with a spa that’s rated the second best in the country! Mohonk is an amazing destination no matter the time of year. They offer hikes all year round and in the summer there’s also swimming (in the lake), horseback riding, and rock climbing. Winter activities include, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating, and more. You can swim in the indoor pool, take a yoga classes, or even bask in the outdoor mineral pool no matter the weather – I am not kidding, I hung out in the mineral pool when it was 10 degrees!

Some of these activities are only available to overnight guests, but many of them are also available to people just checking out the grounds – of course checking out the grounds isn’t free, but it is worth the price. A grounds pass at Mohonk is only $25 for adults on weekends and $20 per person on week days. Families get a discounted rate. The resort also offers numerous sports, food, and spa packages to take advantage of for day trippers.

That’s all great, but why would you pay to go somewhere when you could hike at other locations for free?

Basically Mohonk is beautiful and has a special energy. It IS the oasis you dream of on those crowded, anxiety laden days in the city. Not just because it is stunning, but because it is so easy to explore there. The grounds are wonderful organized and hiking trails are well paved, featuring a plethora of gorgeous look out points – and these cool mini gazebos to sit in while you do that look out.



It’s perfect for people who are tired of making decisions and just want to enjoy nature without worrying about transit and getting lost in the woods (as I did on the Appalachian trail that one time…)

The pictures will explain.

First, this is from our trip in 2012.







And this was our most recent trip, just two weeks ago. A great way to start off the new year.

#mohonk #winter #latergram

#vscocam mohonk mountain house #latergram #mohonk #mountain

#vscocam #mohonk #winter #latergram

I highly recommend you plan a trip with your friends and/family immediately. You will be sure to have a special day.

Of course, you could also just say screw the day trip and spend the weekend there. If you do you will get the best vacation experience ever: The ability to do diverse activities while never traveling too far or ever having to get in your car. It’s pretty epic. And your feet will be nice and warm.



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