A snap shot of Upstate NY travel and what’s to come….

So I started this blog and then recently, I kind of disappeared. This isn’t because I haven’t been adventuring (well kinda). It’s because I’ve been making films and planning a solo trip to Argentina!

But since I’m a blogger and I am supposed to keep you satisfied, here is a quick shot of some of my more recent adventures that I did not fill you in on:

I went hiking in Poughkeepsie via a short walk across the bridge from the railroad station. It was gorgeous:

It's a beautiful world out there #fall #poughkepsie #upstatenewyork #ny #hiking

I took a bus to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Storm King:

I entered the gates of heaven and I'm still alive. #ny #upstate #nature #stormking

Then I worked on two film projects that involved lots of shooting around the city:

Getting a time lapse shot. #brooklyn #filmmaking #timelapse #movies

It's magic. #latergram #nyc #skyline #empirestate

Sundown #throwback #nyc #skyporn #sky

And editing…

Getting ready for color correction. #editing #colorcorrection

But now I’m onto something new. Tomorrow I’m leaving for a two week trip to Argentina. I can’t wait to tell you about my adventures through Buenos Aires and Patagonia – that’s a real example of a marriage between the urban and the druid, if you didn’t know.

So sit back, and look forward to more….and more consistent posting at that!

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