Nature Day Trip: Do you wanna fly through the sky?

Aerial adventure park fun time doe adults! #fall #zipline #ny #sports #nature #outdoors

So when was the last time you flew through the sky? Oh the last time you were at Six Flags? Too old for that now? Well you don’t have to be. Because you could also just ziplining. Ziplining is for adults and you don’t have to go to Costa Rica to do it. Just kidding adults can go to 6 flags too and you should always go to Costa Rica regardless of your zipline aspirations.

But check out this footage from my resent trip to Catamount Aerial Park in upstate New York (also borders Massachusets).

My friends and I spent the day there and went on a variety of different aerial adventures. From swinging from robes to ziplining through the forest, we got a taste for what it’s like to be a kid again, or rather what it’s like to be a monkey!

It takes a long time to get young again #fall #trees #canopy #zipline #ny

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