Working and Adventuring. Can it Happen?

Sometimes you need to work on the weekend, but sometimes you also want to enjoy your weekend too – or you always want to enjoy it. We often think that just sitting at home or at work starring at the computer constitutes as work, but I think the mind is more apt to make creative and intelligent choices when you switch things up a bit. One past Saturday, I found the magical recipe for making that happen.

I woke up pretty early. I knew I had to work on a video pitch for an advertising competition, but it was real damn pretty outside. So I biked over to Penny House Cafe in Prospect Heights to see if I could knock something out. Given that I wasn’t home and had nothing to distract me, I was able to draft out some pitches (and drawings to match) to send to my team. Sitting by the window, the sun and the activity outside was a great motivator to help me focus and get er done. I knew laying in the park was in my future.

Relaxing in #prospectpark #brooklyn #latergram @freedomthinkers

Then I headed off to Prospect Park to enjoy its awesome bike loop. Basically it’s a large loop that let’s you bike around the entire park.

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 16.20.31

I did it once, then twice. The second time I sat down by the lake and started playing with my three new iphone lenses that I bought at the Photojojo store.

Here are some of the shots I got:

The sun flows around me in a circle #sun #flow #hippe #prospectpark

(wide/macro lens)

Portrait #telephoto #iphonography

(telephoto lens)

All and all, it was a great reminder that we should do more of this.

With love from your friend who is always ok the internet. #internet #addiction #zen #brooklyn

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