Nature Day Trip: Beacon, NY plus some random musings on my childhood and David Bowie’s bulge.

The goddess is with me. #diabeacon #art #beacon #ny #urbandruid

I have been craving a visit to the Dia: Beacon for months. Located just an hour north of NYC via the Metro-north line, the Dia: Beacon is the largest contemporary art museum in the United States. It’s also right on the Hudson River with access to nearby hiking, kayaking, and an epic farmer’s market – seriously they had a pizza with pumpkin sauce there. Who knew!

Check out what we saw at the museum and the nearby property (where I took a nap after all that walking around):

As you can see, openess is key at the Dia: Beacon. All the art is large scale and has a physical element to it – especially Richard Serra’s pieces which are pretty much an adult version of the movie Labyrinth sans the goblins and David Bowie (and his bulge.)

#Richardserra at the #diabeacon

You can seriously get lost in there!

(That terrible squeaking noise is the weird knee brace I was wearing. For some reason it reminds me of the sound one of the characters in a Miyazaki film might make when you hear them approaching. A creaturely sound. Boo.)

I liked the museum, but I realize I am not the greatest fan of contemporary art. So my friend Neda and I decided to go off and explore the natural opportunities in the area. A.k.a., we went a hiking. This is what we found:

And then, as we kept walking, we found this old abandoned building. (One of us peed inside. I won’t say who!)

Then we continued walking along the water, the train tracks, and the woods. Apparently we were on the Klara Sauer trail and went as far as the peninsula below next to Madame Brett Mill Park:

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 11.05.05 PM

The river #beacon #hudson #river #adventure


Somehow being in the woods together that day reminded us both of when we were kids. For me, it reminded me of when I used to play my own version of The Dark Crystal in the woods. Basically my friends and I would pretend to be gelflings and that the skeksis were chasing us in the woods. Neda said that she and her friends would play out interpretations of Egyptian myths – clearly she is the more mature one of us two.


So basically, it all goes back to fantasy. It just depends on whether skeksis, sun gods, or David Bowie are involved…or David Bowie’s bulge.


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