Urban Adventure: D.U.M.B.O Arts Festival 2013

This past Saturday I hung out around a lot of crazy artists in this tiny little neighborhood that kinda reminds me of a fishing village – or something from some other time..or my dreams..whatever. Anyway, that place is called D.U.M.B.O. No it isn’t named after our favorite flying elephant, though it’d be chill to see that guy, it’s an abbreviation for down under the Manhattan bridge overpass. So yeah, it’s not the most tranquil place since it sounds like there is a stampede passing across the bridge above you, but it’s fun!

While I was at the festival, I looked at art.

Listened to some Japanese drumming.

Watched a lot of happy people walking around and playing in the park, and bartered my drawing skills for services like an astrology reading. 

So why is this worth mentioning? It’s worth mentioning because awesome shit like this happens on a regular basis in NYC.

Also, it’s a great way to spend the day beyond brunching, happy hour, and the clubbing – though I did get myself into trouble doing some of those things as the night progressed.

Regardless, Dumbo Arts Festival was particularly special. Make sure you don’t miss it in Fall 2014.


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