What’s going on? Where am I?

You’ve entered an alternative universe where people like nature AND the city. I know, us urban druids are a rare breed. To be honest, I have yet to meet my people, which makes me feel like I’m a Gelfling in The Dark Crystal except that my whole species hasn’t been wiped out, I’m just odd.

This blog is a place to find out about the newest going ons in NYC as well as where you should go on your next nature adventure. I tend to do a healthy mix of city and nature festivities, so you will never run out of fun ideas for how to spend thy time.

So welcome and all that jazz. I’m glad to have your eyeballs massaging this page.

4 thoughts on “What’s going on? Where am I?

  1. the Kite

    Hello there! I’m Kite, and I’m in the process of putting up the new version of my website. Part of it is to include a blog about being an urban Druid. Then I found you here. Great, and by the way, I love Central Park. I visited New York two years ago and the Park was the highlight.

    Anyway, in contrast to your NY focus, my blog is to be more about how to deal with the realities of being a Druid in urban environments, far from the Romantic ideal of green wilderness. Therefore, not wishing to step on your toes, I thought I had better consult you on the name. I had thought to call it ‘The Urban Druid’ but plainly you’ve got there first. Are you okay if I just go with ‘Urban Druid’?

    Over to you. Peace.


    1. alexmac Post author

      Hi Kite,

      Thank you for writing and asking me. I appreciate it! Seems like we have a similar idea. I would ask you to see if you could come up with something else. You can really do whatever you want, it’s a free web domanin, but I would like to make sure we don’t compete for Google searches! I know I haven’t written lately, but I hope that’s going to change soon (I have to update the site now).

      If you haven’t found a new name, check back with me in a month or so.

      Also, I think this idea of yours is wonderful. What city are you living in now?

      - Alex

  2. the Kite

    Greetings my friend. Thinking hard, but not getting much further. If all else fails, remember that Google will favour THE Urban Druid and that’s you, as it says in the slug theurbandruid. I don’t really see us competing. And I’m more than happy to link to you on the blog, as one of those exploring similar themes. In fact, I was gonna ask.

    I live in Swansea, South Wales. A small city, a large village, in fact. It’s a town. I’m sure you’d love it. Anyway, I’ll be in touch.



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